Houston ERP Solutions

We follow a successfully proven implementation methodology that allows businesses to quickly reap the benefits of our powerful solutions and to achieve renewed operational effectiveness.

The implementation methodology has a phased approach which is structured in a way than any progression is controlled and maintained at our customer’s pace. This assures that all aspects of your company’s processes are thoroughly reviewed and the integration to the new business management software is successful.

The first phase is a detailed discovery phase. This involves sessions with our customer, our Project Manager, and ESS’s Implementation Team to question, redefine and streamline your existing business processes. When all of the business processes are clearly understood and defined, our implementation team will put together a business model of the solution that we recommend implementing. This model will be presented back to you for your approval. After an agreement is reached for a proposed solution, a project plan is put in place to begin implementing. This project plan will also include an expected timeline for all aspects of the implementation process.

Training is also a key factor during the implementation process. Users who have been properly trained and are comfortable using the product are able to get the full benefit and functionality of the software, which accelerates transition to the new system. ESS’s implementation services include full evaluation of your business’s unique training needs.

The last step of the implementation process, before going live, is ESS guides the user through their process flow to validate that they are ready to go live on the software system. ESS is onsite the first week a company goes live. We strongly encourage a three month checkup to review the process.

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