Forrest Williams - Houston Acumatica ERP Software Specialist!

Forrest Williams

Forrest has over 20 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, accounting, management and providing IT Solutions. Prior to joining ESS, Forrest began his career with a large chemical manufacturer, working as an engineer at plants in New Jersey and Louisiana. He then joined a small, startup environmental company where he gained experience with database application implementation in several areas such as drawings and data control, facility and equipment maintenance management, and project management. Just prior to joining ESS, Forrest was responsible for the successful implementation of an ERP software system at a $20 million/year valve manufacturer.

Forrest has been involved in IT Solutions at every level, including setting implementation goals and timelines, training employees and customizing reports and screens. Forrest’s expertise includes designing Microsoft products, enhancing the software using Microsoft Visual Basic, the VBA scripting language, and expertise with the application framework to tailor the software, and the Microsoft SQL database. Forrest has the experience to effectively solve problems throughout the organization. Forrest is a graduate of Rice University with degrees in Chemical Engineering and Economics Magna Cum Laude.